One with Our Father

Deeper Life Reflections on the Gospel of John
in Word & Song
244 pages

Look at Jesus, and see the beautiful life that can be yours by simple faith.

Jesus was constantly sufficient for all the demands facing Him. He was busy but never stretched thin, threatened but never afraid, pressured from the outside but always at peace. Wouldn’t you love to live that way? Remember that Jesus was as human as you or me.

His uniqueness was His relationship with His Father. He was who He was by faith in His Father, and He eagerly shared that relationship with His followers.

That is the central truth behind One with Our Father. It includes 85 devotional readings based on the Gospel of John. Each reading is accompanied by a scripture reference, a link to a companion hymn, and a brief, thought-provoking response.

Jesus is a living promise of what life can be. Knowing and trusting the Father can be our joy, our constant strength, our present birthright, and our eternal destiny.

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  • NEW! Companion devotional readings for most hymns (at the end of the hymn’s printed music)

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  • Hymn-writer and author Ken Bible writes to enrich your relationship with God and to nurture your God-given creativity.

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  • Worship leaders will appreciate the regular inclusion of seasonally-useful hymns. These hymn recordings add an expressive element that is truly unique.

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