My Heart Was Hard As Iron   May I Copy this Hymn?

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My heart was hard as iron.
I tore into His hands.
I nailed Him to my selfishness
And dreamed of lofty plans.
I'd listened as He talked about
A love I did not know,
But God could never enter in
The dungeon of my soul.

I could not see my darkness?
I'd never seen the Light.
My life was full of emptiness
And swollen up with pride.
I joined the loud and jeering crowd.
I crowned Him with my shame,
But when I saw Him dying there,
I knew I was to blame.

He'd claimed to be from heaven,
So we had hung Him high.
In rage I slammed the hammer down,
Then stood to watch Him die.
I listened for His final word?
Some weak or bitter cry.
He prayed for those tormenting Him.
The name He spoke was mine.

My God, I'll never grasp it?
This love I long denied.
You came into my darkened heart,
And now I am alive!
O how can I respond to You?
What praise could be enough?
Lord, make my life forevermore
A grateful song of love.

Words & Music by Ken Bible
© 2000 by CCLI Song #3250581.





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