The Good Samaritan   May I Copy this Hymn?

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For life in its fullness, put love in control.
Love God with your heart, with your body and soul.
And see all your neighbors? Go love them as well,
And care for each one as you care for yourself.

You wrestle with questions. There's more you would know.
Just who is your neighbor? How far must you go?
Compassionate love is not simple and neat.
Turn loose of your comforts. Get into the street!

Consider a traveler just working for bread.
He's beaten and robbed and then left there for dead.
Some pass him, and kindness is what they profess,
But they keep on going, ignoring the mess.

Then one came and put his agenda aside.
He helped him and healed him and gave him a ride.
When struggling, which one are you longing to see?
Then go be a neighbor to someone in need!

Words by Ken Bible
Music: Traditional Folk Tune and Ken Bible
© 2009 by CCLI Song #5433227.



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