In Your Spirit   May I Copy this Hymn?

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In Your Spirit we have tasted
More than mind can understand:
All the depths of every promise,
All the garden once began,
All Your riches, all Your wisdom,
All Your love and all its wealth,
All the fullness of Your giving
In this giving of Yourself.

All our sin and all its bondage,
All the fear and curse of death
Now are conquered in Christ Jesus.
Now we share His holy breath.
Daily walking in His Spirit,
Step by step in love's pure light,
We are heirs with Christ our brother,
Breathing here His risen life.

In Christ Jesus what can harm us,
What divide us from Your love?
Any suffering? Any power
Deep below or high above?
Nothing present, nothing future -
You secure us by Your Word.
Father, none can separate us
From Your love in Christ our Lord!

Words by Ken Bible
Music: William Moore
© 2010 by CCLI Song #5705371.



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