Psalm 2   May I Copy this Hymn?

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Mighty rulers, worldly lords,
Pool their power with just one goal:
Break the bonds of all restraint,
Seize the throne and full control.
He who sits in heaven laughs,
Mocks their vain and petty pride,
Scorns their frail and futile plans,
Throws their hollow threats aside.

Hear Him thunder from on high,
"I have crowned my Sovereign King.
See my Son in splendor reign!
Hear the hymns the heavens bring!
Riches, wisdom, honor, strength - 
Total rule is all His own.
Power to crush and power to heal
Evermore are His alone."

We Your people lift our hands!
Hear our lives and voices sing
Living hymns of loudest praise,
Savior, sovereign King of Kings!
Blessed are all who trust in You,
Prince of Peace and Lord of Life!
Help us speak and live the truth,
Bold in You, Lord Jesus Christ!

Words by Ken Bible
Music by Joseph Parry
© 2012 by CCLI Song #6181561.



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