I See the New Creation   May I Copy this Hymn?

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I see the new creation.
I see the day arrive.
Look up! Almighty God is here!
His glory fills the skies.
His power like a trumpet
Is ringing all around,
And hope awakens in my soul
And rises with the sound.

I see His goodness blooming,
The beauties of His love.
Its flowers fill the jeweled earth
And endless worlds above.
I hear a song of worship
On breezes soft and sweet,
And as creation sings His name,
Its glory is complete.

I see a living promise
But just a tiny seed
Of all the glories of our God
And all that is to be.
I cannot help but praise You,
O God of boundless life!
You bathe us in Your presence and
In everlasting light.

Words & Music by Ken Bible
© 2003 by LNWhymns.com. CCLI Song #4171944.



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