Your Kingdom Come!   May I Copy this Hymn?

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Father, we lift up our face.
We feel Your love pouring down.
Your life is blooming within,
Your Kingdom growing all around.
We taste the world that will be,
The perfect peace You would share.
O Father, come,
Take our hands,
Take our hearts,
Take our lives and make
“Your Kingdom come” our living prayer.

The many treasures You give,
The riches here in our hands,
Lord, we release them to You.
Each gift we hold You now command.
Each daily moment is Yours.
Our words and deeds we will sow.
Father, our lives
Are Your seed.
Let us die
That the Kingdom of Your love
May blossom here and grow.

Father, the harvest will come,
Abundant fruit gathered in.
Then with Your family around,
The endless banquet will begin.
O Lord, Your presence is now!
Your every promise is true.
For endless life,
Glorious light,
Boundless love,
Perfect joy and peace
Are all eternity in You!

Words by Ken Bible
Music by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Ken Bible
© 2008 by CCLI Song #5262508.



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