We Have Come, God's Living Temple (CWM RHONDDA)   May I Copy this Hymn?

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We have come, God’s living temple,
In the joy of Christ the Son.
Here the Father’s word is spoken.
Here His gracious work is done.
Breathe His Spirit! Drink His goodness!
Heaven’s life is here begun.

Set aside all vain distractions.
Lay your needs before His throne.
Give your hands, a holy offering.
You are His and not your own.
All your spirit praise His Spirit!
Turn your thoughts to Him alone.

Christ is God’s eternal temple,
All His holy presence here.
By His Spirit, we His body
Live to make His presence clear,
Loving, learning, giving, growing
Till our Lord Himself appear.

Go and shine with God’s own presence!
Live the love of Christ the Son.
By your words let Him be spoken,
By your hands His work be done.
Breathe His Spirit, share his goodness

Till His glorious Kingdom come!

Words by Ken Bible
Music by John Hughes
© 2014 LNWhymns.com. CCLI Song #7030966.



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