A Hymn for the Wilderness   May I Copy this Hymn?

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I can’t see where I’m going –
Just wilderness ahead.
This place is fierce and threatening –
O God, where have You led?
But Egypt is behind me
With all You’ve brought me through,
And now You go before me –
I trust and follow You.

Your all-engulfing presence
Is shade throughout the day.
Your fire ablaze above me
Lights all my darkened way. 
Fresh water in my desert
And bread each morning new –
O tender, faithful Shepherd,
I trust and follow You.

Through every daily challenge,
With labors still undone,
I follow in Your footsteps
And take them one by one.
Throughout our great adventure
I keep the Cloud in view,
As all the way to Canaan
I trust and follow You.

WORDS:  Ken Bible
MUSIC:  Traditional Folk Tune and Ken Bible
© 2020 LNWhymns.com. CCLI song #7152219.


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