Psalm 95   May I Copy this Hymn?

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Come and let us sing and shout for joy unto the Lord,
The God of love and might.
His praise is our delight!
Come and let us worship Him, the King, the great I AM,
Forever just and right.

Bow down – He is God Almighty;
Bow down – He, our loving Shepherd.
Bow down, all His grateful children;
Bow and trust your God!

Look to your Creator – all the earth is His alone.
The sea and all dry land
Exist at His command.
Heights and depths and endless worlds and much that we don’t know
All rest in His great hand.

Bow your hearts and keep them soft and yielded in His hands.
Keep Sovereign God in view;
Don’t focus in on you.
Come and simply rest in Him, the faithful All-in-all,
Your Father kind and true!

WORDS:  Ken Bible
MUSIC:  African-American Spiritual and Ken Bible
© 2021 CCLI song #7175966.


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