Grace Goes Before Us   May I Copy this Hymn?

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O Timeless God, Your burning love
Has always gone before.
No matter how our sin increased,
Your grace abounded more.
Before our birth, Your wisdom planned,
Your eager heart prepared
To call and give and groan and die
To leave no good unshared.

Forever calling, “Here I am!”,
You work to draw us in,
To lure each one to simple faith
Where blessings all begin.
With boundless heart and tender touch,
With all love’s subtle art,
You evermore conspire to save
And fill each mind and heart.

Lord, even now and through all time,
Your goodness goes before.
You long to share Yourself, Your all
Forever, more and more.
Our every hope and deep desire,
The joy we all pursue,
Are rich and full beyond our dreams,
All-loving God, in You!

WORDS:  Ken Bible
MUSIC:  Traditional Folk Tune and Ken Bible
© 2023 CCLI song #7214738.



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