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O Lamb of God, before the world began
You laid Your life in the Father's hand.
You emptied Yourself and became a man
To live and die in the Father's hand.
You knew the price You'd have to pay,
But faith was freedom every day.
We're trusting You, Lord, and we take our stand
To live and die in the Father's hand.

Your only wisdom and Your highest joy:
To hear the sound of the Father's voice.
Temptation would call but You'd make the choice:
You tuned Your heart to the Father's voice.
When cries of hate and death were stirred,
Undying love was all You heard.
We're listening, too, and we make the choice:
To tune our hearts to the Father's voice.

Your pain was screaming, but Your heart was still.
Your only goal was the Father's will.
When death came to call on that lonely hill,
You gave Yourself to the Father's will.
Your final words, Your dying aim:
To glorify Your Father's name.
We look to You there, and our hearts are stilled.
Our only prayer is the Father's will.

Words by Ken Bible
Music by Thomas S. Allen and Ken Bible; arr. by Ken Bible
© 2003 by CCLI Song #4014544.



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