The Blood-washed Pilgrim   May I Copy this Hymn?

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I saw a blood-washed pilgrim,
A sinner saved by grace,
Upon the holy highway
With peaceful, shining face.
When evil would oppress him
To turn him from the right,
He'd say, "The yoke is easy.
The burden, it is light."

Then crowns of victory,
Shouts of glory.
Crowns of victory I shall wear.

I saw him in the furnace.
I saw him in the fire.
I saw him face Goliath.
His faith would never tire.
When in the den of lions,
He sang all through the night,
"Praise God! The yoke is easy.
The burden, it is light."

He walked through grief and sickness,
Through suffering and the sword,
Still powerful in Spirit
And mighty in the Word.
When all the world was fading,
The Lord was his delight.
He said, "His yoke is easy.
His burden, it is light."

Just then I saw him singing
With branches in his hands,
"Salvation, praise, and glory
To God and to the Lamb!"
God's people without number,
All dressed in spotless white,
Had found the yoke so easy,
The burden always light.

Words by Ken Bible and Traditional
Music: Traditional, adapted by Ken Bible
© 2004 by CCLI Song #4247610.


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