The Birthday Party   May I Copy this Hymn?

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If you go down to the stable there,
You're in for a big surprise.
O yes - the dirtiest place in town!
You'll never believe your eyes!
They say that God Himself has come -
O what a great disguise!
And He's thrown Himself a birthday party!

A peasant girl and a carpenter
Are heading His entourage.
A goat, a lamb, and a mangy cow
Are singing the grand hurrahs.
Our God is just a baby
With His donkey standing guard,
And He's sleeping through His birthday party!

Some shepherds said the angels sang
As skies were all on fire.
The shepherds joined the party,
But they didn't bring the choir!

They couldn't find a present,
But the smell they brought was great!
Three kings have been invited,
But I guess they're running late!

If you go down to the stable there,
You'll never believe your eyes!
If you're expecting to meet your God,
You're in for a big surprise!
You think He's high and mighty,
That He lives up in the skies?
Well, you're welcome to His birthday party!

Words by Ken Bible
Music by Ken Bible, John W. Bratton, and James B. Kennedy
© 2001 by CCLI Song #3552904.



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