Our Father's Burning Heart   May I Copy this Hymn?

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Our Father longs for all the lost,
His children wandering far from home.
The needy ones we look beyond
Are dear to Him, His loved, His own.
See through our Father's loving eyes!
Come share our Father's burning heart!

He gives to us with open hand.
We take it all and walk away.
We waste His wealth on empty hopes
And leave our lives in disarray.
See how His children groan and die!
Come share our Father's burning heart!

So live His strong and tender love
For all His family far and near.
Give every child a welcome home
Till all offenses disappear.
Dance with all heaven's boundless joy!
Come share our Father’s burning heart!

Words by Ken Bible
Music: Traditional English Carol; arr. by Ken Bible
© 2010 by LNWhymns.com. CCLI Song #5722608.



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