The Heart of Christ (BEACH SPRING)   May I Copy this Hymn?

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Feel the burning, feel the yearning
Of the holy heart of Christ.
Feel His mission, see His vision,
See His love and know the price.
See him facing all His suffering,
So aware yet unafraid,
Deeply willing the fulfilling
Of the promise love had made.

Human creatures, earth and ashes,
Fleeting shadows doomed to die,
Now in Christ the Father's children
Breathe His deep and endless life;
For the sacrifice is offered,
And the veil of death is torn.
From the womb of love undying
Now a holy race is born.

Glory, glory in the highest!
Every voice now sings the same.
Christ the Son is truly worthy
Of His high and holy name!
O the depths of love and mercy!
O the wonder of His ways!
In His presence life unbounded,
Purest joy and endless praise!

Words by Ken Bible
Music: Traditional American Melody
© 2006 by CCLI Song #4670122.



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