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Open your eyes
And finally see all the gifts that He brings.
Breathe the beauty of His presence
In the morning air.
Here in His temple
With mountains and meadows in holy array,
Hear the liturgy arising
In unceasing praise.

Refrain 1 & 2:
All the deserts dance,
And the silent sing,
And the night sky glows
With the love of the Father.
My Creator Lord,
Give my heart a voice.
Let me join in praise
To Your glory, O God,
To Your glory, O God!

Wisdom and love,
Compassion and power take color and form,
With the seasons ever singing
Of His faithful care.
All that I am
Is born of His being and springs from His heart,
Flowing from and through and to Him
In unending life.

Only a whisper,
Only a promise
Of all that His love will bring.
Look, He is coming
In the fullness of glory,
And all will be new!

Refrain 3:
Then the earth will dance,
And the mountains sing,
And the skies all glow
With the love of the Father.
For eternity
We will join in praise.
Every heart will sing
To Your glory, O God,
To Your glory, O God!

Words & Music by Ken Bible
© 1993, 1999 by CCLI Song #3305027.



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