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I come here disillusioned
With life as I have lived,
So hungry for the wholeness
That only You can give.
Lord Jesus, see my burden,
This constant self-concern.
I bring my anxious heart to You,
Desiring now to learn.

I see Your gentle spirit,
So calm in heart and mind,
So pressured, yet so peaceful,
So busy, yet so kind.
You say that I can know You
And share Your constant rest.
I bow with all my selfish ways
And humbly ask Your best.

Your trust in God Your Father,
Your yieldedness within,
Your constant, deep dependence
Is where all peace begins.
To live this loving union
By simple prayer begun,
To share Your light and joyful load,
O Jesus, Lord, I come.

Words by Ken Bible
Music by Ken Bible, William Douglas, and Lady John Douglas Scott
© 2007 by LNWhymns.com. CCLI Song #5088830.


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