The Lord Is One   May I Copy this Hymn?

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Pushing, pulling, life runs on,
Prodding, pressing every day.
Fear and comfort shout their claims,
Brag and boldly lead the way,
Promising gain, threatening loss.
Worry’s work is never done.
So many goals! So many gods!
Give us only one!

Hear, O heart, the Lord is one,
Full, complete, and God alone,
He the Source, and He the Goal,
His the earth, and His the throne,
Sovereign in power, sovereign in love,
All in All and all within,
Only one truth, only one good:
All and only Him.

Building, blessing, life flows on
From and through and into Him,
He our comfort, He our hope,
Life and holy joy within,
Nourishing love, nourishing faith.
All His Spirit’s fruits increase.
Only one God breathing His gift:
Rich and perfect peace.

Words by Ken Bible
Music: Traditional Irish Folk Tune and Ken Bible
© 2013 by CCLI Song #6505697.



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