The Seed and the Soils   May I Copy this Hymn?

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The truth about You is a seed, loving Father,
So small, but so fruitful – that’s how it’s designed.
You scatter the seed with Your loving persistence.
You long for its growth in each heart and each mind.

But some hearts are hardened and simply ignore it,
While some are so shallow it never takes root.
And some are so cluttered with worries and comforts,
They choke out the truth, and it never bears fruit.

But some hearts are open and gladly receive it.
Now rooted in faith, how Your seed starts to grow!
Though ever so small, it is growing Your Kingdom.
Its glorious fruit only harvest will show.

So help us receive all the truth You are sowing,
Not only the little our comforts allow.
We open our lives to Your best, holy Father.
The Sower is passing. The season is now.

WORDS:  Ken Bible
MUSIC:  Traditional Folk Tune and Ken Bible
© 2022 CCLI song #7197803.



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