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Our Newest Hymns

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*At the Pool of Bethesda

Imagine yourself as the lame man at the pool of Bethesda. Imagine being completely healed in a moment by Jesus. In this hymn, His testimony becomes our own, capped off by the refrain of the familiar hymn, “Blessed Assurance”.
Christ Fulfills the Law

How do we please our Father? How do we become the person He wants us to be? Not by keeping a set of rules, but by trusting Jesus Christ. As we trust Him, His Holy Spirit in us makes us right and holy.
Isaiah 35

The dramatic, miraculous blooming of the desert, foretold in Isaiah 35, becomes personal reality for us in Jesus Christ!
*Joyfully Giving All

How wonderful to submit to the Lord completely and joyfully! This hymn text is set to a familiar tune.
Lament for Sin

This hymn expresses the desperation with which we initially come to Christ, needing His forgiveness, cleansing, and infilling.
*Psalm 77

Do you ever go through times when life and faith are a struggle? Perhaps now? This hymn is for you. The tune is familiar.
This Is God's Banquet, and All Are Invited

This hymn is based on Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast. It joyfully invites EVERYONE to come to the feast God offers in Christ. The hymn can stand alone, or it can flow directly into "Come and Feast".
We Long for Wholeness

We deeply long for wholeness of body, mind, heart, and Spirit. God makes us brand new creatures in Jesus Christ here and now, and promises that complete, eternal healing is our destiny in Him.
Which Spirit?

The New Testament pictures two different kinds of spirit-filling: being filled with the spirit of evil, and being filled with the Spirit of God. God offers us the miraculous privilege of being filled with His own Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Christ. What a joy!
*You See Me, Lord

In Genesis 16, the Egyptian slave Hagar is awe-struck by a God who saw her and tenderly helped her through her time of greatest need. With this hymn, we thank and worship the same seeing God.

New Hymn Recordings

Familiar TuneHymnRecording
Explore God
*Give Me Jesus
God's Mysterious Love
*Heirs of God
*I Am Rejoicing!
Jesus, the Name Above All Names
Prophecies of Christ
Yours Alone
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