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Our Newest Hymns

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My Father, My Joy

During stressful and uncertain times, sing your joy in the Lord! This hymn can help.
Nothing Else Matters

“Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This short hymn helps us focus on that one, all-important desire.

This hymn is based on John 17:10, where Jesus tells His Father, “All I have is Yours, and all You have is Mine.” Jesus shares that beautiful oneness with us.
Psalm 12

In a world filled with lies, focus on the Word of God, who always speaks life-giving truth
*Psalm 15

This ancient Psalm is about holiness. Who can stand in His holy presence? Set to a familiar tune.
Psalm 18

Here is an exuberant celebration of God as Savior.
Psalm 20

This hymn blesses fellow believers and affirms our shared faith.
Psalm 34

“Psalm 34” is an opportunity to express your joy in the amazing goodness of God.
Psalm 54

This hymn assures us that God’s Spirit keeps us through temptation as we rely on Him.
Psalm 70

This hymn is a simple prayer that we can carry with us every day: “Father God, I need You!” We can always call confidently on Him who is with us wherever we are.
*Psalm 145

This hymn helps us share in this majestic Psalm, celebrating the greatness and goodness of our magnificent God.
*Psalm 146

Psalm 146 expresses both the depth and warm-hearted simplicity of worshiping our glorious God. Set to a fresh but familiar hymn tune.

New Hymn Recordings

Familiar TuneHymnRecording
*A Hymn for Loss and Disappointment
*Anchored in God
Calling Us
Compelling Love
Greater Than My Words
I Take Your Cross
My Father, My Joy
Nothing Else Matters
*Psalm 10
Psalm 100
Psalm 101
*Psalm 102
*Psalm 103
Psalm 105
Psalm 106
Psalm 107
Psalm 108
Psalm 109
Psalm 114
Psalm 115
Psalm 116
Psalm 117
Psalm 119
Psalm 12
*Psalm 135
Psalm 137
*Psalm 138
Psalm 139
Psalm 14
Psalm 140
Psalm 141
Psalm 142
Psalm 143
Psalm 144
*Psalm 145
*Psalm 146
*Psalm 147
*Psalm 148 (AZMON)
*Psalm 149
*Psalm 15
*Psalm 150
*Psalm 17
Psalm 18
Psalm 20
*Psalm 21
Psalm 32
Psalm 34
Psalm 35
Psalm 41
Psalm 44
Psalm 48
Psalm 49
Psalm 50
Psalm 52
*Psalm 53
Psalm 54
*Psalm 55
Psalm 58
*Psalm 59
Psalm 6
Psalm 64
*Psalm 65
Psalm 68
Psalm 69
Psalm 70
*Psalm 74
Psalm 75
Psalm 76
Psalm 78
Psalm 79
*Psalm 80
*Psalm 81
Psalm 82
*Psalm 83
Psalm 85
*Psalm 86
Psalm 87
Psalm 88
Psalm 89
*Psalm 9
Psalm 92
Psalm 93
*Psalm 94
Psalm 95
Psalm 96
Psalm 97
Psalm 99
Reminders of You
Surrounded by Your Greatness
You Lead Me by the Heart
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