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Our Newest Hymns

Familiar TuneHymnRecording
*A Hymn for the Wilderness

Learn to trust God more constantly and completely with these lessons from Exodus. The tune is fun and familiar.
*All One in Christ

Since God is our Father, Jesus Christ is our Brother, and all believers are one in Him. Celebrate this wonderful truth with "All One in Christ". The tune is familiar.
*Almighty Life

"Almighty Life" paints a panorama of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts. It is a joyful picture of the Spirit’s ministry in and among us. The tune is familiar.
*Christ in Psalm 30

In the light of Christ, Psalm 30 becomes a celebration of His glorious resurrection. "Christ in Psalm 30" captures that celebration, to a familiar tune.
Clothe Me in Humility

Humility is the sweetness of a right relationship with God and others. Humility is rightness and rest.
Display Your Splendor in Me

Ask God to glorify Himself, not only through your strengths and successes, but through your weaknesses, struggles, and suffering.
For You I Pray God's Peace

This benediction prays God’s peace for those around us.
*Full Assurance

Based on scripture, “Full Assurance” traces the absolute confidence God offers His children. The melody is an adaptation of a familiar hymn tune.
I Am Your Salvation

Salvation is not a “something” Christ brings to us. He Himself is our salvation. His Spirit within is our life, our strength, our holiness, our joy. This hymn is meaningful year-round, but especially through the Lent and Easter seasons.
If I Could See

God’s wonderful promises stir within us a deep longing for our glorious future. But don’t miss the marvelous now of walking with Him moment by moment.
May Our Loved Ones Come to Know You

How we long for our loved ones to know God in all His fullness! This hymn of intercession helps us express those longings in prayer.
Psalm 47

Our Lord is not just the Christian God. He is the Lord and Savior of every nation, every age, every culture. Sing for joy! Rejoice!
Psalm 113

Our holy, transcendent God humbles Himself to see and care about even our lowliest needs. Praise God! How magnificent He is!
*Risen with Jesus Christ

This hymn is meaningful anytime, but it is especially suitable for baptisms. The tune is adapted from a spiritual.
You Are Calling Me to Yourself

Through everything that happens, the restless love of God is forever calling us and drawing us to Him.
You Are Lord

Through troubled, uncertain times, rest in our unchanging, sovereign God. He turns all things to good!

New Hymn Recordings

Familiar TuneHymnRecording
*A Hymn for Loss and Disappointment
*A Hymn for the Wilderness
*All One in Christ
*Almighty Life
*Anchored in God
*Christ in Psalm 30
Clothe Me in Humility
Compelling Love
Display Your Splendor in Me
For You I Pray God's Peace
*Full Assurance
Greater Than My Words
I Am Your Salvation
If I Could See
May Our Loved Ones Come to Know You
My Father, My Joy
Nothing Else Matters
*Psalm 10
*Psalm 102
*Psalm 103
Psalm 113
Psalm 12
Psalm 14
*Psalm 145
*Psalm 146
*Psalm 147
*Psalm 148 (AZMON)
*Psalm 149
*Psalm 15
*Psalm 150
*Psalm 17
Psalm 18
Psalm 20
*Psalm 21
Psalm 32
Psalm 34
Psalm 35
Psalm 41
Psalm 44
Psalm 47
Psalm 48
Psalm 49
Psalm 50
Psalm 52
*Psalm 53
Psalm 54
*Psalm 55
Psalm 58
*Psalm 59
Psalm 6
Psalm 64
*Psalm 65
Psalm 68
Psalm 69
Psalm 70
*Psalm 74
Psalm 75
Psalm 76
Psalm 78
Psalm 79
*Psalm 80
*Psalm 81
Psalm 82
*Psalm 83
Psalm 85
*Psalm 86
Psalm 87
Psalm 88
*Psalm 9
Psalm 92
Psalm 93
*Psalm 94
Psalm 96
Reminders of You
*Risen with Jesus Christ
Surrounded by Your Greatness
You Are Calling Me to Yourself
You Are Lord
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