Hymns by Scripture Reference - Galatians

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ReferenceFamiliar TuneHymnRecording
2:20 Be the Incarnation
2:20 Galatians 2:20
2:20 Give God What Is God's
2:20 God in Christ in Us
2:20 Hear His Call
2:20 I Live in You
2:20 In the Light of the Cross
2:20 Only You
2:20*Risen with Jesus Christ
2:20 We Are Trusting in the Lord
3:2 We Are Trusting in the Lord
3:5 We Are Trusting in the Lord
3:10-14*Remember Your Lord
3:11*Live by Faith
3:26-29*Heirs of God
4*Growing in the Spirit (Medley)
4:4*How God Came
4:4-5*You Came to Us
4:4-6 Worshiping the Trinity
4:4-7*Born in the Spirit
4:6 When I Speak
4:6-7*Heirs of God
5 Day by Day in You, Our Lord
5*Growing in the Spirit (Medley)
5:1*Freedom Hymn
5:1,13,16*Born in the Spirit
5:13 A Celebration of Life
5:13 Be the Incarnation
5:13*If You Would Be Great
5:13*Love of God, Possess Me
5:13 Love One Another
5:13-14*Freedom Hymn
5:17-25 Which Spirit?
5:22 We Are Trusting in the Lord
5:22-23 A Spirit of Joy
5:22-23*Beyond Imagination
5:22-23*Growing in Me
5:22-23*My Life, My Love, My Joy
5:22-23 The Lord Is One
5:22-25 When I Speak
5:22, 25*We Walk with Our Lord
5:22--23 Shalom
5:25 In Step with the Spirit
5:25 Jesus, I Need Your Spirit
5:25*Rejoice! Christ Is Here!
6:9*Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
6:12-18 No Other Life
6:14 Hear His Call
6:14 In the Light of the Cross
6:14 Pride
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