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Familiar TuneHymnRecording
A Celebration of Life
A Father's Love
*A Father's Prayer
*A Garden in the Night (BOYLSTON)
A Garden in the Night (GETHSEMANE)
*A Hymn for Loss and Disappointment
*A Hymn for Milestones
*A Hymn for the Wilderness
A Life of Thanksgiving
A Servant's Prayer (BINNEY)
*A Servant's Prayer (GERMANY)
*A Song Was Born At Christmas
A Spirit of Joy
*A Thankful Heart
*A Trinity of Hymns
Advent Joy
Ain'-a That Good News!
Alive in You
*All Day, Every Day
*All God's Children
*All in Christ
All in You, Breath by Breath
*All Night, All Day
*All One in Christ
*All Praise to You, Eternal Lord
*All the Angels Worship You
All We Need
All-conquering Love
Almighty God Is Near!
*Almighty God, You Never Change
*Almighty Life
Alpha, Omega
Always in You
*America, the Beautiful
An Undivided Heart
*Anchored in God
Antiphonal Carol
As I Pray
As I Trust You
*As Simply as a Child
As You Love
As You Loved Me
*Ash Wednesday Hymn
Ashes to Ashes
*At the Pool of Bethesda
*Back to You
Bathe Me in Your Light
Be Immanuel in Me
Be Love in Me
Be Still
Be Still, My Child
Be Strong
Be the Incarnation
*Beatitudes Hymn
Bedtime Prayer
*Before the Starry Universe
Behold the Star
Beyond All Barriers
Beyond All Thought
*Beyond Imagination
Beyond Myself
Blazing Love
*Bless That Wonderful Name
Bless Them with Your Best
Bless This Seed
Blessed Be the Lord
Blind Faith
Born Again
*Born in the Spirit
Boundless God
Breath of His Love
Breath of Life
By Faith
By Faith in Jesus Christ (IN JESUS CHRIST)
*By Faith in Jesus Christ (ST. THEODULPH)
By Your Breath
Calling Us
*Captives of Eternal Love
Celebrate Christ
*Child in the Manger
Children of the Lord
*Chosen in Jesus
Christ and His Bride
*Christ Crucified
*Christ Descended and Ascended
Christ Fulfills the Law
*Christ in Genesis and Exodus
Christ in Me
*Christ in Psalm 3
*Christ in Psalm 30
*Christ in Psalm 38
Christ in Psalm 4
*Christ in Psalm 40
*Christ in Psalm 45
*Christ in Psalm 67
*Christ in Psalm 7
*Christ in Psalm 8
*Christ Is Alive! We Live in Him!
Christ Is Come
*Christ Is Coming! Lift Your Eyes!
*Christ Is Our Horizon
Christ Is Shining in You
Christ My Joy
Christ the Light
Christ the Lord Is with Us!
Christ the Word
*Christ, Our Source and Goal
*Christmas Love
Clothe Me in Humility
Colossians 2:9-10
*Come and Feast
Come and Follow Me
Come and See the Works of Our God!
Come and See!
*Come Rejoicing!
Come See Our God
Come to the Child
Come, Children, Come
Come, My Friends!
*Come, Our Lord!
*Come, Thou Long-expected Jesus
Compelling Love
*Complete in Jesus Christ
Constant Love
*Content in You
*Created for Union with God
Creation Praise
Creation Will Be Redeemed
*Crucifixion Hymn
*Daily Confession
Day by Day in You, Our Lord
*Deck the Halls
*Dedication Hymn
Didn't He Rise!
*Discover Jesus Christ
Display Your Splendor in Me
Diversity Among God's People
*Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit
Do You Talk to the Lord?
Draw My Desires to You, Lord
*Each Moment by Faith
Engulfed in God
*Enthronement Hymn
Ephesians 1
*Ephesians 2 & 3
Epiphany Hymn (HELMSLEY 2)
*Epiphany Hymn (REGENT SQUARE)
*Eternal God, Unbound by Time
*Eternal Health
*Eternal Life Is Knowing You
*Eternal Light
Eternal Treasure
*Evening Prayer
*Ever Full and Overflowing
*Ever Standing in Your Presence
Everlasting Father
Everything I Need
*Everything's All Right!
Explore God
Ezekiel's Vision
Failures and Prodigals
Family in the Lord
Family Tree
*Far Above Riches
*Father and Son
*Father, As You Love Your Son
Father, Father
Father, Help Me Worship You
Father, I See You in Your Son
*Father, I've Failed You
Father, in This Suffering
*Father, Speak Your Word Again
Father, We Come
Father, You See Our Need
Father, Your Name
*Fear Not, You Are Mine
Fearing God
Feeding the Five Thousand
Feel the Savior's Heart for People
*For Such a Time As This
For the Joy
For You I Pray God's Peace
Forever Has Begun
Forever One
Free to Choose
*Freedom Hymn
Freedom in You
From These Depths, O Lord
From You, Through You, To You
Fruit unto God
*Fruitful in You
*Full Assurance
Full Knowing
*Fullness of God
*Fullness of Joy
Galatians 2:20
Genesis 22
Gesu Bambino
Gifts to Savor and Share
Give God What Is God's
*Give Me Jesus
Give Thanks to God
Glorify Your Name
Go to the Wilderness!
*God Alone
*God Answers Prayer
*God Blesses His People
God Comes
God in Christ in Us
God Introduces Himself
God Is Calling
God Is Great, and God Is Good
*God Is Here among Us
*God Is in His Temple
*God Is Light
*God Is Speaking
God Is with Us!
*God Is with Us! Alleluia!
God Is Working All Around You
*God My Father
*God of All People
God of Jacob
*God of Peace
God of the Exodus
God of the Universe
God Will Be Exalted
God with Us, Immanuel
*God's Glory in Creation
God's Kingdom Has Come
God's Mysterious Love
*God's Mysterious Ways
*Going Home
Good Gifts
*Good Morning, All Who Trust in Christ!
Good Shepherd
Grace and Truth
Grace Goes Before Us
*Great Is Your Faithfulness (Easter)
*Great Lord of All Reality
Greater Than My Words
Growing in God
Growing in Grace
*Growing in Me
*Growing in the Spirit (Medley)
*Hallelujah Hymn
*Happy Our Home When God Is There
Have Mercy
Have You Seen Them?
*He'll Understand and Say, "Well Done"
*He's All I Need
Hear His Call
Hear the Longing
Hear the Prophets Sing of Jesus
Hear the Prophets Talking
Hear the Word
Heaven and Earth
Heaven Here and Now
*Heirs of God
Help Me to Love Only You
*Here at Your Feet, Lord
Here Comes Jesus! He's Our King!
Here I Am
Here Is Love
*Here We Come Rejoicing
*Hey, Jonah!
Hidden Treasure
*High and Holy Sovereign God
His Hour Has Come
Holy Father, Only You
*Holy in Me
Holy in You
Holy Is the Lord
*Holy, Boundless Breath of God
*Holy, Holy, Holy God
*Holy, Human Jesus Christ
*How God Came
How Precious Are Your People
Hungry for God
*Hymn for the Persecuted Church (HYMN TO JOY)
Hymn for the Persecuted Church (JEFFERSON 2)
*I Am Rejoicing!
*I Am the Door
I Am Your Salvation
I Am Your Servant
I AM, I AM - Hear the Mighty Name
I Bow in Obedience
I Build My Life on You
*I Cannot See the Light, My Lord
*I Cannot Tell
I Choose You
I Come
I Come in Christ
I Find All My Joy in You
I Fix My Thoughts on You
I Have the Truth
*I Know That My Redeemer Lives
I Leave It in Your Hands
I Live in You
I Look to You
*I Look to You, and You Are Love
*I Love You, Jesus, Savior, Lord
I Only Want to Walk in You
I Quiet Myself in Your Love
I Rejoice in You!
I Rejoice in Your Purpose Today
I See the New Creation
*I See You
I Take Your Cross
*I Thank the Lord for You
*I Walk the Dark Emmaus Road
I Want to Be Like You
I Want to Know You
I Was the One
I Will Live in You
I'll Sing of You
I'll Spend This Christmas, Lord, with You
I'm in You
*If God Is on Our Side
If I Could See
*If You Would Be Great
Image of the Unseen God
*Imagine Your Creator's Breath
Immanuel's Land
*Immanuel, Immanuel
In Christ
*In Simple Response to You
In Step with the Spirit
In That Morning
*In the Father's Hand
In the Father, Son, and Spirit
In the Light of the Cross
In You, Lord
*In Your Presence, God Almighty
*In Your Spirit
In Your Steps
Incarnation Wonder
Indebted to God's Love
*Infinite Lord
Inscrutable God
Is There Any Word from the Lord?
Isaiah 35
*Isaiah 40
Isaiah 53
Isaiah 6
*Isaiah 61
*Isaiah 9
Isn't He Good?
*It's a Gift
It's So Good to Be with You
Jesus Arose Again
Jesus at the Last Supper
Jesus Dying for Me
*Jesus Loves Me (Christmas)
Jesus Weeps for the Unrepentant
*Jesus' Life Is All a Promise
*Jesus, Full of Truth and Grace
Jesus, I Need Your Spirit
*Jesus, Joy of Earth and Heaven
Jesus, Living God!
*Jesus, the Gift of Christmas
*Jesus, the Light of the World
Jesus, the Name Above All Names
*Jesus, the Son of God
*John 11
Joy in Christ
Joy in You
*Joy in Your Presence
*Joyfully Giving All
Just You
*Justice Hymn
Keep Us From All Evil
Keep Us Strong in Faith
*Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Kindle a Flame
Kingdom of Love
Kingdom Seed
Know the Lord
*Knowing God
Knowing the Father in the Son
Lament for Sin
Last Words
*Lavish Love, Abundant Beauty
*Lay Aside Your Passing Pleasures
Lead Me On
*Lead Me to Calvary
Let Me Love You
*Let Mercy Shine
Life Fulfilled
*Life in the Vine
*Life Is Brief and Full of Trouble
Life of God
*Light Is Shining All Around
*Light of Every Nation
*Like Christ, in Christ
Listen to Love
*Live and Love and Grow in Christ
*Live by Faith
Live for God
Live in His All-ness
Live in Love
*Live in the Promise
Living Christ
Living Toward God
Longing for Home
*Longing for Jesus
Look! His Goodness Fills the Morning
*Looking to Jesus
*Lord Jesus, Living Presence
Lord Jesus, You Have Conquered
Lord of All Realms
*Lord of Nature's Grand Display
Lord of Time
Lord, Draw Me On
*Lord, from Your Hand
Lord, How Good to Rest in You
Lord, I Repent
Lord, Keep Us Reaching
*Lord, Life Becomes More Simple
*Lord, May Our Thoughts Begin with You
*Lord, Why Am I Anxious?
*Lord, You Are Love
Lord, You Are My Home
Love Has Brought Us Near
*Love Has Come!
Love Lessons from Jesus
*Love of God, Possess Me
Love One Another
*Make All Things New
*Make My Life a Holy Fragrance
May Our Loved Ones Come to Know You
May Your Presence Purify My Heart
Meditation on the Crucified Christ
Mighty Day
*Mighty God, I Will Trust in You
My Father, Do What Pleases You
My Father, My Joy
My Heart Was Hard As Iron
My Life Is Not My Own
*My Life, My Love, My Joy
My Loving Father
My Mind Is Yours
My Mind Will Be Your Holy Place
*My Soul Exalts You, Lord
*My Time Is in Your Hand
New in Christ
No Other Life
Not Greatness, but Sacrifice
Not I, but Christ
Not to Us, O Lord
*Nothing Between
Nothing Else Matters
*Now in Christ
*Now Unto Us a Child Is Born
O Father, Give Us Jesus Christ
*O Living God
*On Christmas Day
One by One
One God
*One in Jesus
*One in Purpose, One in Passion (HYFRYDOL)
*One in Purpose, One in Passion (PLEADING SAVIOR)
One Lost Sheep (CHIC SHAVER)
One with God
One with Us
*One with You, My Jesus
Only You
Open Hands
Open Your Hand
Our Daily Bread
Our Destiny Is Jesus Christ
Our Father Exalted
Our Father in Heaven
*Our Father's Burning Heart
*Our God Came to Visit
Our God Is a God of Might
Our Great High Priest
*Our Healer
*Our Hope Is All in You
Our Lord I Am
Our New Song of Praise
*Partners in the Mystery
*Pass the Peace of Christ
*Peace in Christ
*Peace in the Storm
*Peace, Peace, Peace
Pearl of Great Price
*Pentecost Hymn
People of the Living God
Perfect Peace
Persistent Prayer
Philippians 2:1-8
*Pictures of God's Love
Please Yourself
*Poor in Spirit
*Praise to You, Giver of Life!
*Prayer for God's Presence
*Prayer for Purity
Prayer of Intercession
Prepare Us
*Present Lord
Print Your Image
Prophecies of Christ
*Psalm 1
*Psalm 10
Psalm 100
Psalm 101
*Psalm 102
*Psalm 103
*Psalm 104
Psalm 105
Psalm 106
Psalm 107
Psalm 108
Psalm 109
*Psalm 11
*Psalm 110
*Psalm 111
*Psalm 112
Psalm 113
Psalm 114
Psalm 115
Psalm 116
Psalm 117
Psalm 118
Psalm 119
Psalm 12
Psalm 120
*Psalm 121
*Psalm 122
Psalm 123
*Psalm 124
Psalm 125
*Psalm 126
*Psalm 127
*Psalm 128
*Psalm 129
*Psalm 13
Psalm 130: "From These Depths, O Lord"
*Psalm 131
Psalm 132
Psalm 133
*Psalm 134
*Psalm 135
Psalm 136: "Give Thanks to God"
Psalm 137
*Psalm 138
Psalm 139
Psalm 14
Psalm 140
Psalm 141
Psalm 142
Psalm 143
Psalm 144
*Psalm 145
*Psalm 146
*Psalm 147
*Psalm 148 (AZMON)
*Psalm 148 (RISING SUN)
*Psalm 149
*Psalm 15
*Psalm 150
*Psalm 16
Psalm 16: "I Find All My Joy in You"
*Psalm 17
Psalm 18
*Psalm 19
*Psalm 2
Psalm 20
*Psalm 21
Psalm 22
Psalm 23
Psalm 23: "The Father's Gifts"
*Psalm 24
*Psalm 25
Psalm 26
*Psalm 27
*Psalm 28
Psalm 29: "Voice of God"
*Psalm 31
Psalm 32
Psalm 33
Psalm 34
Psalm 35
Psalm 36
Psalm 37: "Wait on the Lord"
Psalm 39
Psalm 41
Psalm 44
*Psalm 45: "See Christ, Your Bridegroom"
Psalm 46
Psalm 46: "God Will Be Exalted"
Psalm 47
Psalm 48
Psalm 49
Psalm 5
Psalm 50
Psalm 51: "Song of Confession"
Psalm 52
*Psalm 53
Psalm 54
*Psalm 55
Psalm 56: "When I Am Afraid"
*Psalm 57
Psalm 58
*Psalm 59
Psalm 6
*Psalm 60: "Back to You"
Psalm 61
Psalm 62
*Psalm 63
Psalm 64
*Psalm 65
Psalm 66: "Come and See the Works of Our God!"
Psalm 68
Psalm 69
Psalm 70
Psalm 71
*Psalm 72
*Psalm 73
*Psalm 74
Psalm 75
Psalm 76
*Psalm 77
Psalm 78
Psalm 79
*Psalm 8
*Psalm 80
*Psalm 81
Psalm 82
*Psalm 83
Psalm 84
Psalm 85
*Psalm 86
Psalm 87
Psalm 88
Psalm 89
*Psalm 9
*Psalm 90: "Eternal God, Unbound by Time"
*Psalm 91: "In Your Presence, God Almighty"
Psalm 92
Psalm 93
*Psalm 94
Psalm 95
Psalm 96
Psalm 97
*Psalm 98
Psalm 99
Psalm of Trust
*Psalms 42-43
Pursue Love
*Raised from Death to Love and Living
*Reconciled in Christ
Reign in Me
*Rejoice in His Coming
Rejoice in His Love
*Rejoice! Christ Is Here!
*Remain in Me
*Remember Your Lord
Remind Me, Lord
Reminders of You
Responding to Our Father
*Resting in the Lord
*Revelation 21
*Revelation Worship
Rich in Christ
*Risen from Eternal Death (EASTER HYMN)
*Risen from Eternal Death (LLANFAIR)
*Risen with Jesus Christ
*River of Mercy
*Romans 6
Sea of Mercy
*Seated with Christ
Second Coming Hymn
*See All That Human Can Be
See Almighty God
*See Christ, Your Bridegroom
*See God in Christ
See Him Walk on the Water
*See His Kingdom Come in Power
*See How God's Flower Blossoms
See Jesus
*See the Father Walk Among Us
See the Lamb of God
*See the Seed of Faith
See the Servant
See Them Come
See What Love Has Done
Seeds of Prayer
Seeking Me
*Share Your Father's Heart
Simple Faith
*Simply God
Simply Seeing You
*Sing We Now of Christmas
So Unworthy
*Soldiers of Christ, Arise
Song of Confession
*Sown in Tears, Raised in Joy
*Speak Your Word, My Father
Speak, I Am Listening
*Speak, Lord
Spirit of Christ
Spirit, Come
Standing Strong
*Star Hymn
Startled by Your Lowliness
Still He Comes
Surrounded by Your Greatness
Sweet Peace
*Take These Goods I Cannot Keep
*Talking with God
Teach Me How to Love
Teach Us to Pray
Thank You for the Beauty of This Day
Thank You for This Child
*Thank You for Your Perfect Will
*The Allness of God
The Beauty of Christ
The Bible Song
The Birthday Party
The Blessing of the Lord
*The Blood-washed Pilgrim
The Body of Christ
The Catch and the Call
The Circle of Love
The Father's Face
The Father's Gifts
*The Fear of God
The Feast Is Spread
*The First Noel
*The Flower
*The Fullness of God's Glory
*The Gift of Your Spirit
*The Glories of Christ
*The Glorified Christ (AUSTRIAN HYMN)
The Glorified Christ (GLORIFIED CHRIST)
The Glow of Your Goodness
The God of Heaven Bless You
The God of Hope Be With You
The Good Fight of Faith
The Good Samaritan
The Greatest Commandments
*The Heart of Christ (BEACH SPRING)
*The Heart of Christ (NETTLETON)
The Joy of Forgiveness
The Joy of Giving
The Kingdom of Our God Has Come
*The Lamb of Christmas
The Leper and the Paralytic
The Light Is Born
The Light of the Living Christ
*The Lord Has Come!
The Lord Is One
The Lord's Own Child
*The Love of God
The Love We Owe
*The March of the Three Wise Men
*The Mind of Christ
*The Mystery of Love
The Only Good Is Jesus
*The Promise
*The Reason We Sing
The Rich Young Ruler
The Seasons of LIfe
The Seed and the Soils
The Shepherd's Carol
The Table of the Lord
*The Timeless Truth
*The Trial (BEECHER)
The Trumpet Will Sound
*The Truth of God Is Greater Far
*The Upward Call
The Way, Truth, and Life
The Wheat and the Weeds
*The Woman at the Well
*The Word of God
The Word of God Is Jesus Christ
The Word of the Lord
*These Things Are Always True
*Think, Speak, and Live the Truth
This Is God's Banquet, and All Are Invited
This Path of Pain
Through Me
To Worship You
*Today in Your Presence
*Today, Father
Touch a Life Through Me
Transcendent and Immanent
*Transcendent God
*Transfiguration Hymn
*Trinity Hymn
True Wealth
*Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Turn Your Thoughts to God
Unchanging Father
Voice of God
Wait on the Lord
*Waiting for Our Lord
*Walk by Faith, God's Guarantee
Walk with Jesus
Walking by Faith
*Walking with You
Watch and Wait
*Water into Wine
*We Are Children
We Are in Christ Jesus
We Are Listening, Lord
We Are Trusting in the Lord
*We Can Know Our God Transcendent
We Choose Joy
*We Come and Rest
We Come Seeking You
We Commit This Life to You
We Fix Our Eyes on Jesus Christ
We Have a Hope
*We Have Come to Join in Worship
*We Have Come, God's Living Temple (CWM RHONDDA)
*We Have Come, God's Living Temple (LAUDA ANIMA)
*We Lift the Light of Hope
We Long for Wholeness
*We Look Behind at All You've Done
*We Mourn
*We Need You, Holy God
We Shall Rise in Jesus Christ!
*We Sing a Life Completed
*We Taste Your Life and Long for More
We Thank You
*We Thank You, O Lord!
*We Trust Your Love
*We Walk with Our Lord
We Will Be Your People
*We Wish You a Merry Christmas
*Welcome, Jesus Christ!
*Welcome, Lord
What a Fine Country!
What a Strange and Wonderful Kingdom!
What Will You Do with Jesus?
When Christ Our Healer's Work Is Done
When I Am Afraid
When I Face You, Lord
When I Speak
*When Jesus Speaks
*When Morning Dawns and Evening Fades (ELLACOMBE)
*When Morning Dawns and Evening Fades (FOREST GREEN)
When the Mountains Sing Your Praise
When We Talk to Him
When We Trust You
Where I Am
Which Spirit?
*Who Is He?
With Jesus in Temptation
Without Words
Worship Father, Son, and Spirit
Worshiping the Trinity
*Worshiping Transcendent God
You Alone
You Are Almighty God
You Are Calling Me to Yourself
You Are Good
You Are Holy; I Come in Silence
You Are Lord
You Are Near, O Lord
You Are the Gift
You Are the Light
You Are the Same
*You Bore Our Sin, O Lamb of God
*You Came to Us
You Lead Me by the Heart
*You See Me, Lord
You, Me, Now
*Your Ceaseless, Unexhausted Love
*Your Joy Has Just Begun
Your Kingdom Come!
Your Kingdom, Your Power
Your Love, Holy Father
Your Sovereign Word
Your Thoughts, Your Words
Your Word
Yours Alone
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