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  Our Destiny Is Jesus Christ
1:1-3 Father, I See You in Your Son
1:1-3*Knowing God
1:1-3*See the Father Walk Among Us
1:1-3*The Fullness of God's Glory
1:1-3*The Truth of God Is Greater Far
1:1-3*Trinity Hymn
1:1-3 Voice of God
1:1-3*We Can Know Our God Transcendent
1:2*Heirs of God
1:3-4*Psalm 110
1:6*All the Angels Worship You
1:14*All Night, All Day
1:14*Heirs of God
2:1-3 Mighty Day
2:5-18*Christ in Psalm 8
2:9 See Jesus
2:9-18 Come See Our God
2:9-18*How God Came
2:10*Christ, Our Source and Goal
2:11*All One in Christ
2:11*Christ in Psalm 30
2:11*Christ in Psalm 67
2:11*Enthronement Hymn
2:11*Eternal Life Is Knowing You
2:11 Full Knowing
2:11*God Is Here among Us
2:11 Lord of All Realms
2:11*We Can Know Our God Transcendent
2:11-18*Holy, Human Jesus Christ
2:11, 17 Be the Incarnation
2:11, 17*See All That Human Can Be
2:14-18 One with Us
2:14-18 Our Great High Priest
2:17*God Is Here among Us
2:17 Your Kingdom, Your Power
4:1-11*Resting in the Lord
4:1-11 Sabbath
4:14-16 Come See Our God
4:14-16 I Come in Christ
4:14-16*If God Is on Our Side
4:14-16 No Other Life
4:14-16 One with Us
4:14-16 Our Destiny Is Jesus Christ
4:14-16 Our Great High Priest
4:14-16 Print Your Image
4:14-16 Prophecies of Christ
4:14-16*Psalm 110
4:15 Your Kingdom, Your Power
4:15-16*Holy, Human Jesus Christ
4:16 Sea of Mercy
5:7-9*If God Is on Our Side
5:7-9 No Other Life
5:7-9 One with Us
5:7-9 Our Destiny Is Jesus Christ
5:7-9 Print Your Image
5:8-9 I Bow in Obedience
5:10*Psalm 110
6:9-20*Full Assurance
6:9-20 Prophecies of Christ
6:13-19 Your Sovereign Word
6:19-20*Anchored in God
6:19-20*Psalm 110
7 Prophecies of Christ
7:1-28 Our Great High Priest
7:1-28*Psalm 110
8 Prophecies of Christ
8:1-2*Psalm 110
9:11-15 Print Your Image
9:11-15 Seeking Me
10:1-25*Christ in Psalm 40
10:1-25 Prophecies of Christ
10:5-10 Our Destiny Is Jesus Christ
10:10 All-conquering Love
10:11-13*Psalm 110
10:16-25 I Am Your Salvation
10:16-25*If God Is on Our Side
10:16-25 No Other Life
10:16-25 Our Destiny Is Jesus Christ
10:16-25 Print Your Image
10:19-22 I Come in Christ
10:19-23 Our Great High Priest
10:19-23*Psalm 110
10:19-25*Full Assurance
10:26-31 Mighty Day
10:38*Live by Faith
11 By Faith
11:1*I See You
11:1-6*Walk by Faith, God's Guarantee
11:3*As Simply as a Child
11:3*The Word of God
11:6 We Are Trusting in the Lord
11:7*Heirs of God
11:8-16 Longing for Home
11:9*Heirs of God
11:27*I See You
11:33-40 Hear the Prophets Sing of Jesus
12:1-2*Psalm 110
12:1-2*The Glories of Christ
12:1-3 By Faith
12:1-3*Captives of Eternal Love
12:1-3*For Such a Time As This
12:1-3 For the Joy
12:1-3*Fullness of Joy
12:1-3*Hymn for the Persecuted Church (HYMN TO JOY)
12:1-3 Hymn for the Persecuted Church (JEFFERSON 2)
12:1-3*Joyfully Giving All
12:1-3*Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
12:1-3*Lay Aside Your Passing Pleasures
12:1-3 Our Destiny Is Jesus Christ
12:1-3 Standing Strong
12:1-3*The Blood-washed Pilgrim
12:1-3 We Fix Our Eyes on Jesus Christ
12:2 I Fix My Thoughts on You
12:3 See Almighty God
12:4-11 Lord, I Repent
13:5-6*Content in You
13:8*Almighty God, You Never Change
13:8 Blind Faith
13:8 Unchanging Father
13:8 You Are the Same
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