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ReferenceFamiliar TuneHymnRecording
1:17*Justice Hymn
2:1-5*Jesus, the Light of the World
2:1-5*Peace, Peace, Peace
2:1-5 Sweet Peace
2:1-5 The Light of the Living Christ
2:1-5 You Are the Light
2:1-5 Your Word
6*O Living God
6*The Fear of God
6:1*God Is in His Temple
6:1*High and Holy Sovereign God
6:1-4*Worshiping Transcendent God
6:3*God My Father
6:3 Holy Is the Lord
6:3 Worshiping the Trinity
6:8 Worshiping the Trinity
7:10-16*Before the Starry Universe
7:10-16*Discover Jesus Christ
7:10-16*The Promise
7:14 Be Immanuel in Me
7:14*Christ in Genesis and Exodus
7:14 God Is with Us!
7:14*God Is with Us! Alleluia!
7:14 God with Us, Immanuel
7:14*Immanuel, Immanuel
7:14*The Lord Has Come!
8:12-13 Fearing God
8:12-13*The Fear of God
9:1-7*Discover Jesus Christ
9:1-7 Hear the Prophets Talking
9:1-7*Isaiah 9
9:1-7*The Promise
9:2*God Is Here among Us
9:2 The Light of the Living Christ
9:6 Antiphonal Carol
9:6 Be Immanuel in Me
9:6 God with Us, Immanuel
9:6-7*Now Unto Us a Child Is Born
11:1 Gesu Bambino
11:1*See How God's Flower Blossoms
11:1*The Flower
11:1-9 Full Knowing
11:1-9 Hear the Prophets Talking
11:1-9*Justice Hymn
11:1-10 Beyond All Thought
11:1-10*Peace, Peace, Peace
11:1-10 Sweet Peace
11:1-10*The Promise
11:2 By Your Breath
11:2*Holy, Boundless Breath of God
11:2 In the Father, Son, and Spirit
11:6-9 Creation Will Be Redeemed
11:6-9*God of Peace
11:6-9*Imagine Your Creator's Breath
11:9 Life of God
11:9*My Life, My Love, My Joy
12:2-6 Come and See the Works of Our God!
12:2-6*Come Rejoicing!
12:2-6*Discover Jesus Christ
12:2-6 Give Thanks to God
12:2-6*God Is with Us! Alleluia!
12:2-6*Jesus, Joy of Earth and Heaven
24*Make All Things New
25*Make All Things New
25:6-9 Forever One
25:6-9*I Cannot Tell
25:7-8 A Celebration of Life
25:8 All-conquering Love
25:8*Sown in Tears, Raised in Joy
26*Make All Things New
26:3 Perfect Peace
28:16 Christ Is Come
30:15 Be Still, My Child
32:17-18 Be Still, My Child
33:2*Today in Your Presence
35*Imagine Your Creator's Breath
35:1-10*Come Rejoicing!
35:1-10*Discover Jesus Christ
35:1-10*God Is with Us! Alleluia!
35:1-10*Jesus, Joy of Earth and Heaven
35:1-10*Peace, Peace, Peace
35:1-10*See How God's Flower Blossoms
35:1-10*The Flower
35:1-10*The Promise
40*Isaiah 40
40:1-11*Come Rejoicing!
40:1-11*Discover Jesus Christ
40:1-11 God Comes
40:1-11*God Is with Us! Alleluia!
40:1-11*Jesus, Joy of Earth and Heaven
40:1-11*Peace, Peace, Peace
40:1-11*The Promise
40:3-5 Prepare Us
40:3-5, 9-10*Christ Is Coming! Lift Your Eyes!
40:8*The Word of God
40:8 The Word of the Lord
40:9-11 Christ the Lord Is with Us!
40:9-11*The Lord Has Come!
40:11 Christ Is Come
40:12-31 My Loving Father
40:18-28*Transcendent God
40:25*God of All People
40:26*Star Hymn
41:10*Eternal Life Is Knowing You
42:1 By Your Breath
42:1*Chosen in Jesus
42:1 Worshiping the Trinity
42:1-4 See the Servant
42:5-7*Light of Every Nation
43:1-4*Chosen in Jesus
43:1-3a Father, in This Suffering
43:16-21 Forever One
43:16-21*I Cannot Tell
46:3-4 The Seasons of LIfe
46:3-4 Unchanging Father
46:8-10 My Father, Do What Pleases You
49:1-7 See the Servant
49:5-13*Light of Every Nation
49:6*Chosen in Jesus
49:15*Today in Your Presence
50:4-9a See the Servant
51:12-13*The Fear of God
52:13-15 See the Servant
53*Christ in Psalm 38
53 Isaiah 53
53*You Bore Our Sin, O Lamb of God
53:1-53 See the Servant
53:3 As You Love
53:4-5*God of Peace
55:1-2*Come and Feast
55:8-9*A Hymn for Loss and Disappointment
55:8-9 Inscrutable God
55:8-9*The Truth of God Is Greater Far
55:10-11 By Your Breath
55:10-11 Your Sovereign Word
57:15 Greater Than My Words
57:15 My Father, My Joy
57:15*Present Lord
57:15 Psalm 76
57:15-19 God of the Universe
58:1-12 Have Mercy
60:1-3*Light of Every Nation
61:1-3*We Mourn
61:1-4, 8-11*Come Rejoicing!
61:1-4, 8-11*Discover Jesus Christ
61:1-4, 8-11*God Is with Us! Alleluia!
61:1-4, 8-11*Jesus
61:1-4, 8-11*Jesus, Joy of Earth and Heaven
61:1-4, 8-11*Peace, Peace, Peace
61:1-4, 8-11*The Flower
61:1-4, 8-11*The Promise
64:1-9 God Comes
64:1-9 Have Mercy
64:1-9*Prayer for God's Presence
64:1-4, 8-11*See How God's Flower Blossoms
64:8 Our Father in Heaven
65:1 Calling Us
65:17-24 Forever One
65:17-24*I Cannot Tell
65:17-25*Come, Our Lord!
65:17-25*Make All Things New
66:1-2*God Is in His Temple
66:13*Today in Your Presence
66:18-23*Make All Things New
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