Hymns by Scripture Reference - 2 Corinthians

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ReferenceFamiliar TuneHymnRecording
1:19-20*Christ, Our Source and Goal
1:19-20 Prophecies of Christ
1:20 Christ the Lord Is with Us!
1:20*Eternal Life Is Knowing You
1:20*Jesus' Life Is All a Promise
1:20*The Promise
2:14*Hymn for the Persecuted Church (HYMN TO JOY)
2:14 Hymn for the Persecuted Church (JEFFERSON 2)
3 Life Fulfilled
3:17*Freedom Hymn
3:18*Ash Wednesday Hymn
3:18*In Simple Response to You
3:18*Knowing God
3:18 Simply Seeing You
3:18*Transfiguration Hymn
4 Life Fulfilled
4:6*Eternal Light
4:6*My Life, My Love, My Joy
4:6*See God in Christ
4:6*Transfiguration Hymn
4:6 We Have a Hope
4:7 God in Christ in Us
4:7-18 Father, in This Suffering
4:7-18 We Are in Christ Jesus
4:16*Ash Wednesday Hymn
4:16*Eternal Health
4:16 We Long for Wholeness
4:16-17 Psalm 71
5 Life Fulfilled
5:1*Going Home
5:1-5*Sown in Tears, Raised in Joy
5:1-8 Longing for Home
5:1, 5*Ash Wednesday Hymn
5:1-10 We Are in Christ Jesus
5:4-7 This Path of Pain
5:7*I See You
5:7 If I Could See
5:7*Walk by Faith, God's Guarantee
5:7 We Are Trusting in the Lord
5:11-21 Blazing Love
5:11-21*Reconciled in Christ
5:14*Lord, You Are Love
5:14-15*Chosen in Jesus
5:14-15 Compelling Love
5:14-15*Love of God, Possess Me
5:14-20 Beyond All Barriers
5:14-20 Gifts to Savor and Share
5:14-20*Share Your Father's Heart
5:16-17*Now in Christ
5:16-21 I Am Your Salvation
5:16-21 No Other Life
5:17 New in Christ
5:20*God's Mysterious Ways
5:21*Christ, Our Source and Goal
5:21 True Wealth
5:21*You Came to Us
5:20b-21 Glorify Your Name
5:20b-21*In the Father's Hand
5:20b-21*Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
5:20b-21 Not Greatness, but Sacrifice
5:20b-21*One in Purpose, One in Passion (HYFRYDOL)
5:20b-21*One in Purpose, One in Passion (PLEADING SAVIOR)
5:20b-21*The Blood-washed Pilgrim
6:1 Gifts to Savor and Share
6:1*God's Mysterious Ways
6:1-10 Blazing Love
6:1-10 Glorify Your Name
6:1-10*In the Father's Hand
6:1-10*Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
6:1-10 Not Greatness, but Sacrifice
6:1-10*One in Purpose, One in Passion (HYFRYDOL)
6:1-10*One in Purpose, One in Passion (PLEADING SAVIOR)
6:1-10*Reconciled in Christ
6:1-10*The Blood-washed Pilgrim
6:16 God Is with Us!
6:16*We Have Come, God's Living Temple (CWM RHONDDA)
6:16*We Have Come, God's Living Temple (LAUDA ANIMA)
8 The Circle of Love
9 The Circle of Love
9:6 Bless This Seed
9:6*See the Seed of Faith
9:6-8 Gifts to Savor and Share
9:6-11 Open Your Hand
9:6-15 The Joy of Giving
9:8 As You Love
9:8*Content in You
11:2-3*All in Christ
11:2-3 Help Me to Love Only You
11:2-3*See Christ, Your Bridegroom
12:9*Content in You
12:9*Created for Union with God
12:9*Each Moment by Faith
12:9*Evening Prayer
12:9*Fullness of Joy
12:9 God in Christ in Us
12:9*Holy, Human Jesus Christ
12:9*We Need You, Holy God
12:9-10 The Good Fight of Faith
13:13 For You I Pray God's Peace
13:14 Worshiping the Trinity
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