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Familiar TuneHymnRecording
A Spirit of Joy
*A Thankful Heart
Alive in You
*All in Christ
All in You, Breath by Breath
All We Need
*Almighty Life
Alpha, Omega
Always in You
An Undivided Heart
Bathe Me in Your Light
Be Love in Me
Be the Incarnation
*Beatitudes Hymn
*Beyond Imagination
Beyond Myself
*Born in the Spirit
Breath of His Love
Breath of Life
By Faith
By Faith in Jesus Christ (IN JESUS CHRIST)
*By Faith in Jesus Christ (ST. THEODULPH)
By Your Breath
Calling Us
Children of the Lord
*Chosen in Jesus
Christ Fulfills the Law
Christ in Me
*Christ in Psalm 30
Christ in Psalm 4
*Christ in Psalm 7
*Christ in Psalm 8
*Christ Is Alive! We Live in Him!
*Christ Is Our Horizon
Christ Is Shining in You
Christ My Joy
*Christ, Our Source and Goal
Clothe Me in Humility
Colossians 2:9-10
*Come and Feast
Come and Follow Me
Come See Our God
*Complete in Jesus Christ
*Created for Union with God
Day by Day in You, Our Lord
Draw My Desires to You, Lord
*Each Moment by Faith
Engulfed in God
Ephesians 1
*Ephesians 2 & 3
*Eternal God, Unbound by Time
*Eternal Health
*Eternal Life Is Knowing You
*Ever Full and Overflowing
*Ever Standing in Your Presence
Everything I Need
*Father and Son
*Father, As You Love Your Son
Father, Help Me Worship You
Father, I See You in Your Son
Father, in This Suffering
Father, You See Our Need
Fearing God
Feeding the Five Thousand
For You I Pray God's Peace
Forever Has Begun
Forever One
*Freedom Hymn
Freedom in You
*Fruitful in You
*Fullness of Joy
Galatians 2:20
Gifts to Savor and Share
Give God What Is God's
Glorify Your Name
God in Christ in Us
*God Is Light
God's Kingdom Has Come
*Good Morning, All Who Trust in Christ!
Good Shepherd
*Great Lord of All Reality
Greater Than My Words
Growing in God
Growing in Grace
*Growing in Me
*Growing in the Spirit (Medley)
Hear His Call
Heaven Here and Now
Help Me to Love Only You
Hidden Treasure
*Holy in Me
Holy in You
*Holy, Boundless Breath of God
Hungry for God
I Am Your Salvation
I AM, I AM - Hear the Mighty Name
I Bow in Obedience
I Build My Life on You
I Come
I Find All My Joy in You
I Fix My Thoughts on You
I Have the Truth
I Live in You
I Only Want to Walk in You
I Rejoice in You!
I Want to Know You
I Will Live in You
I'm in You
*If God Is on Our Side
*Imagine Your Creator's Breath
Immanuel's Land
In Christ
*In Simple Response to You
In Step with the Spirit
In the Father, Son, and Spirit
In the Light of the Cross
In You, Lord
*In Your Presence, God Almighty
*In Your Spirit
*It's a Gift
It's So Good to Be with You
Jesus at the Last Supper
*Jesus' Life Is All a Promise
Joy in Christ
Joy in You
*Joy in Your Presence
Keep Us From All Evil
Keep Us Strong in Faith
Kingdom Seed
Know the Lord
Knowing the Father in the Son
*Lay Aside Your Passing Pleasures
Lead Me On
*Life in the Vine
Life of God
*Like Christ, in Christ
*Live and Love and Grow in Christ
Live in His All-ness
Live in Love
*Live in the Promise
Living Christ
Living Toward God
Longing for Home
*Longing for Jesus
*Looking to Jesus
*Lord Jesus, Living Presence
Lord Jesus, You Have Conquered
Lord of Time
Lord, Draw Me On
Lord, I Repent
*Lord, Life Becomes More Simple
*Lord, May Our Thoughts Begin with You
*Lord, You Are Love
Lord, You Are My Home
*Love of God, Possess Me
My Life Is Not My Own
*My Life, My Love, My Joy
My Mind Is Yours
My Mind Will Be Your Holy Place
New in Christ
Not I, but Christ
*Nothing Between
Nothing Else Matters
*Now in Christ
O Father, Give Us Jesus Christ
*One in Jesus
*One in Purpose, One in Passion (HYFRYDOL)
*One in Purpose, One in Passion (PLEADING SAVIOR)
One with God
*One with You, My Jesus
Only You
Open Hands
*Pass the Peace of Christ
*Peace in Christ
*Peace, Peace, Peace
Pearl of Great Price
Perfect Peace
Philippians 2:1-8
Please Yourself
*Poor in Spirit
*Prayer for God's Presence
*Prayer for Purity
Prayer of Intercession
*Present Lord
*Psalm 1
*Psalm 102
*Psalm 103
*Psalm 127
Psalm 137
Psalm 139
*Psalm 15
*Psalm 16
Psalm 16: "I Find All My Joy in You"
*Psalm 2
*Psalm 24
Psalm 34
Psalm 39
Psalm 5
Psalm 56: "When I Am Afraid"
*Psalm 59
*Psalm 73
*Psalm 80
*Psalm 81
Psalm 84
Psalm 85
*Psalm 86
*Psalm 90: "Eternal God, Unbound by Time"
*Psalm 91: "In Your Presence, God Almighty"
Psalm 92
*Raised from Death to Love and Living
Reign in Me
*Remain in Me
Responding to Our Father
*Resting in the Lord
Rich in Christ
*Risen from Eternal Death (EASTER HYMN)
*Risen from Eternal Death (LLANFAIR)
*Risen with Jesus Christ
*Romans 6
*Seated with Christ
*See All That Human Can Be
See Jesus
Simple Faith
Simply Seeing You
*Soldiers of Christ, Arise
Spirit of Christ
Thank You for the Beauty of This Day
The Beauty of Christ
The Blessing of the Lord
*The Blood-washed Pilgrim
The Father's Face
The Feast Is Spread
*The Fullness of God's Glory
*The Gift of Your Spirit
*The Glories of Christ
The Kingdom of Our God Has Come
The Lord Is One
*The Mind of Christ
The Only Good Is Jesus
The Seed and the Soils
*The Upward Call
The Way, Truth, and Life
*Think, Speak, and Live the Truth
Through Me
*Today in Your Presence
True Wealth
Turn Your Thoughts to God
*Walk by Faith, God's Guarantee
Walk with Jesus
*Walking with You
We Are in Christ Jesus
We Are Trusting in the Lord
*We Can Know Our God Transcendent
We Choose Joy
*We Come and Rest
We Fix Our Eyes on Jesus Christ
*We Mourn
*We Need You, Holy God
*We Taste Your Life and Long for More
*We Walk with Our Lord
What a Strange and Wonderful Kingdom!
When I Am Afraid
When I Speak
*When Jesus Speaks
Which Spirit?
With Jesus in Temptation
You Are Calling Me to Yourself
You Are Near, O Lord
You Are the Light
*You Came to Us
You Lead Me by the Heart
You, Me, Now
Your Kingdom, Your Power
Your Love, Holy Father
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