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Also known as: Heaven or Second Coming

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Familiar TuneHymnRecording
Advent Joy
*All One in Christ
Alpha, Omega
Ashes to Ashes
*Captives of Eternal Love
Celebrate Christ
Christ and His Bride
*Christ in Psalm 30
*Christ in Psalm 45
*Christ Is Alive! We Live in Him!
*Christ, Our Source and Goal
Colossians 1:26-27
*Come, Our Lord!
Creation Will Be Redeemed
*Enthronement Hymn
*Eternal Health
*Eternal Life Is Knowing You
*Father, As You Love Your Son
Feeding the Five Thousand
Feel the Savior's Heart for People
Forever Has Begun
Forever One
Free to Choose
Full Knowing
*Fullness of God
God Will Be Exalted
*Going Home
*Good Morning, All Who Trust in Christ!
*Great Lord of All Reality
*Hallelujah Hymn
*He'll Understand and Say, "Well Done"
Heaven and Earth
Heaven Here and Now
*Heirs of God
*I Cannot Tell
*I Know That My Redeemer Lives
*I Love You, Jesus, Savior, Lord
I See the New Creation
I'm in You
If I Could See
Image of the Unseen God
*Imagine Your Creator's Breath
Immanuel's Land
In That Morning
It's So Good to Be with You
Jesus Arose Again
*Jesus' Life Is All a Promise
*John 11
Kingdom Seed
*Knowing God
Life Fulfilled
*Life Is Brief and Full of Trouble
*Live in the Promise
Longing for Home
*Longing for Jesus
*Lord, Life Becomes More Simple
Lord, You Are My Home
Love Has Brought Us Near
*Make All Things New
Mighty Day
New in Christ
Not I, but Christ
*O Living God
*One with You, My Jesus
Our Destiny Is Jesus Christ
*Our God Came to Visit
Pearl of Great Price
*Psalm 102
*Psalm 103
Psalm 109
Psalm 118
Psalm 120
*Psalm 122
Psalm 137
Psalm 144
*Psalm 148 (AZMON)
*Psalm 148 (RISING SUN)
*Psalm 24
Psalm 39
*Psalm 45: "See Christ, Your Bridegroom"
Psalm 46: "God Will Be Exalted"
Psalm 49
Psalm 71
*Psalm 72
Psalm 85
Psalm 96
Pursue Love
*Revelation 21
*Risen from Eternal Death (EASTER HYMN)
*Risen from Eternal Death (LLANFAIR)
Second Coming Hymn
*See All That Human Can Be
*See Christ, Your Bridegroom
*See His Kingdom Come in Power
See Jesus
See Them Come
*Sown in Tears, Raised in Joy
*The Allness of God
*The Blood-washed Pilgrim
*The Fullness of God's Glory
*The Love of God
The Trumpet Will Sound
True Wealth
*Waiting for Our Lord
*We Are Children
We Are in Christ Jesus
We Choose Joy
We Long for Wholeness
We Shall Rise in Jesus Christ!
*We Taste Your Life and Long for More
What a Strange and Wonderful Kingdom!
When Christ Our Healer's Work Is Done
When I Face You, Lord
*When Morning Dawns and Evening Fades (ELLACOMBE)
*When Morning Dawns and Evening Fades (FOREST GREEN)
When the Mountains Sing Your Praise
Worship Father, Son, and Spirit
*You Came to Us
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