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ReferenceFamiliar TuneHymnRecording
1:5-25 Hear the Prophets Sing of Jesus
1:26-38 Antiphonal Carol
1:35 Worshiping the Trinity
1:38 I Am Your Servant
1:46-55*Before the Starry Universe
1:46-55*Come Rejoicing!
1:46-55*Discover Jesus Christ
1:46-55*God Is with Us! Alleluia!
1:46-55*Jesus, Joy of Earth and Heaven
1:46-55*My Soul Exalts You, Lord
1:68-79*Peace, Peace, Peace
1:68-79 Sweet Peace
1:76-79 Christ the Light
1:77-79*God My Father
1:78-79*Hymn for the Persecuted Church (HYMN TO JOY)
1:78-79 Hymn for the Persecuted Church (JEFFERSON 2)
1:78-79 The Light of the Living Christ
2:1-7*How God Came
2:1-7*Our God Came to Visit
2:1-10*Love Has Come!
2:1-20 Gesu Bambino
2:1-20*God Is Here among Us
2:1-20 Incarnation Wonder
2:1-20*Rejoice in His Coming
2:1-20 The Birthday Party
2:1-20 The Light Is Born
2:1-7, 21-35*Partners in the Mystery
2:4-7 The Lord's Own Child
2:6-7 God Comes
2:6-7*Infinite Lord
2:8-14 Psalm 97
2:8-14 The Light of the Living Christ
2:8-15*A Song Was Born At Christmas
2:8-15*Light Is Shining All Around
2:8-20 Come and See!
2:8-20 The Shepherd's Carol
2:13-14 Shalom
2:14 God Is with Us!
2:34-35 What Will You Do with Jesus?
3:1-6*Christ Is Coming! Lift Your Eyes!
3:1-6 Prepare Us
3:1-14 Go to the Wilderness!
3:1-20 Hear the Prophets Sing of Jesus
3:2-14 Lord, I Repent
3:7-9 Repent
3:7-18 Prepare Us
3:21-22 Epiphany Hymn (HELMSLEY 2)
3:21-22*Epiphany Hymn (REGENT SQUARE)
3:21-22 In the Father, Son, and Spirit
3:21-22 Worshiping the Trinity
3:21-22*You Bore Our Sin, O Lamb of God
4:1 In the Father, Son, and Spirit
4:1-13 Psalm 54
4:1-13 With Jesus in Temptation
4:1-13*You Bore Our Sin, O Lamb of God
4:14 Be the Incarnation
4:16-22*Isaiah 61
4:18 Psalm 133
4:33-37 Which Spirit?
5:1-11 The Catch and the Call
5:2-11 Come and Follow Me
5:12-26 The Leper and the Paralytic
6:20-26*Beatitudes Hymn
6:31 Love Lessons from Jesus
7:18-23 All-conquering Love
7:36-50 Indebted to God's Love
8:17*Think, Speak, and Live the Truth
8:19-21*All One in Christ
8:22-25 Be Still
8:22-25 Be Still, My Child
8:22-25*Everything's All Right!
8:22-25*Peace in the Storm
8:41-56 We Long for Wholeness
8:43-48 I Was the One
8:42b-48*Our Healer
9:10-17 Feeding the Five Thousand
9:22-27 Come and Follow Me
9:23*Christ Crucified
9:23 I Take Your Cross
9:23*Lead Me to Calvary
9:27-36*See His Kingdom Come in Power
9:28-36 Epiphany Hymn (HELMSLEY 2)
9:28-36*Epiphany Hymn (REGENT SQUARE)
9:28-36*Transfiguration Hymn
10:21-22*Transcendent God
10:25-28*God Alone
10:25-37 Love Lessons from Jesus
10:25-37 The Good Samaritan
11:1 Teach Us to Pray
11:2*We Are Living in Your Kingdom
11:4 The Joy of Forgiveness
11:5-13 Ask
11:9-13 Explore God
11:13 O Father, Give Us Jesus Christ
11:13 One
11:13 When I Speak
12*We Trust Your Love
12:4-7 Fearing God
12:4-7*The Fear of God
12:6-7 God Is Great, and God Is Good
12:12-27 Mighty Day
12:13-34 Living Toward God
12:15 True Wealth
12:28-30 My Mind Is Yours
12:31-32 Kingdom of Love
12:31-34 Gifts to Savor and Share
12:31-34 Your Kingdom Come!
12:32*We Are Living in Your Kingdom
12:32*We Trust Your Love
12:33-34*Take These Goods I Cannot Keep
12:35-38, 42-43 Second Coming Hymn
12:37*We Have Come to Join in Worship
12:49-50*The Heart of Christ (BEACH SPRING)
12:49-50*The Heart of Christ (NETTLETON)
13:1-9 Jesus Weeps for the Unrepentant
13:1-9 Repent
13:18-19 Your Kingdom Come!
13:29*Make All Things New
13:29 Your Kingdom Come!
13:34-35 Jesus Weeps for the Unrepentant
14:15-24 Christ the Lord Is with Us!
14:15-24 This Is God's Banquet, and All Are Invited
14:16-24 The Feast Is Spread
15 May Our Loved Ones Come to Know You
15 One Lost Sheep (CHIC SHAVER)
15*One Lost Sheep (EVERLASTING LOVE)
15*Our Father's Burning Heart
15:11-32 A Father's Love
15:11-32 Failures and Prodigals
15:11-32 God's Mysterious Love
15:11-32*Pictures of God's Love
15:32*We Sing a Life Completed
16:1-13*Take These Goods I Cannot Keep
16:10-12 One
16:10-12 True Wealth
17:11-19 I Was the One
17:20-21*We Are Living in Your Kingdom
18:1-8 Persistent Prayer
18:9-14 You Are Holy; I Come in Silence
18:9-27 I Come in Christ
18:18-30 The Rich Young Ruler
18:35-42 I Was the One
19:10 Grace Goes Before Us
19:11-27 The Love We Owe
19:28-40*Who Is He?
19:28-48*See His Kingdom Come in Power
19:29-38 Here Comes Jesus! He's Our King!
19:41-44 Jesus Weeps for the Unrepentant
20:9-19 Fruit unto God
20:25 The Joy of Giving
21:1-4*Pictures of God's Love
21:25-36*Waiting for Our Lord
21:27-28 Feel the Savior's Heart for People
21:27-28, 33-35 Second Coming Hymn
22:14-30 Jesus at the Last Supper
22:14-71 Glorify Your Name
22:14-71 Here Is Love
22:14-71*I Cannot Tell
22:14-71*I Love You, Jesus, Savior, Lord
22:14-71*In the Father's Hand
22:14-71 One with Us
22:14-71*The Mystery of Love
22:14-71 What Will You Do with Jesus?
22:15-20*Lord, from Your Hand
22:15-20 See Them Come
22:17-20*Come and Feast
22:17-20*Pictures of God's Love
22:39-71 Feel the Savior's Heart for People
22:39-71*Great Is Your Faithfulness (Easter)
22:42-46*A Garden in the Night (BOYLSTON)
22:42-46 A Garden in the Night (GETHSEMANE)
22:47-71*The Trial (BEECHER)
22:47-71 The Trial (VENEZUELA)
22:53*Christ in Psalm 30
23 Glorify Your Name
23 Here Is Love
23*I Cannot Tell
23*I Love You, Jesus, Savior, Lord
23*In the Father's Hand
23 One with Us
23*The Mystery of Love
23 What Will You Do with Jesus?
23:1-25*The Trial (BEECHER)
23:1-25 The Trial (VENEZUELA)
23:1-49 Feel the Savior's Heart for People
23:1-56*Great Is Your Faithfulness (Easter)
23:26-46*Christ Crucified
23:26-49 Jesus Dying for Me
23:26-49 See What Love Has Done
23:28-31 Jesus Weeps for the Unrepentant
23:33-39*Crucifixion Hymn
23:33-46*Back to You
23:33-46 See the Lamb of God
23:33-46 See the Lamb of God
23:33-49*Lead Me to Calvary
23:33-49*Lord, from Your Hand
23:33-49 Meditation on the Crucified Christ
23:33-49 My Heart Was Hard As Iron
23:34 Come See Our God
23:34*Let Mercy Shine
23:34, 43, 46 Last Words
23:35 I Was the One
23:46*Eternal Health
23:46 Knowing the Father in the Son
23:46*Psalm 31
24:1-10 Didn't He Rise!
24:1-10 Jesus Arose Again
24:1-12 By Faith in Jesus Christ (IN JESUS CHRIST)
24:1-12*By Faith in Jesus Christ (ST. THEODULPH)
24:1-12*Christ Is Alive! We Live in Him!
24:1-12*Discover Jesus Christ
24:1-12*Great Is Your Faithfulness (Easter)
24:1-12*I Cannot Tell
24:1-12*Risen from Eternal Death (EASTER HYMN)
24:1-12*Risen from Eternal Death (LLANFAIR)
24:1-12*See His Kingdom Come in Power
24:1-12*The Love of God
24:13-35*I Walk the Dark Emmaus Road
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