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ReferenceFamiliar TuneHymnRecording
1 Prayer of Intercession
1*Psalm 1
2*Psalm 2
3*Christ in Psalm 3
4 Christ in Psalm 4
5 Psalm 5
6 Psalm 6
7*Christ in Psalm 7
8*Christ in Psalm 8
8*Psalm 8
8:1 Thank You for the Beauty of This Day
8:1-4*Ash Wednesday Hymn
8:3-4*Star Hymn
9*Psalm 9
10*Psalm 10
11*Psalm 11
11:4*God Is in His Temple
12 Psalm 12
13*Psalm 13
14 Psalm 14
14:1*Transcendent God
15*Psalm 15
16 I Find All My Joy in You
16*Psalm 16
16 Psalm 16: "I Find All My Joy in You"
16:11*Joy in Your Presence
16:11 The Glow of Your Goodness
17*Psalm 17
17:15*Ash Wednesday Hymn
18 Psalm 18
18:1*As Simply as a Child
18:1*Simply God
18:6*God Is in His Temple
18:9-11*These Things Are Always True
19*Psalm 19
19 Reminders of You
19 Speak, I Am Listening
19 The Word of the Lord
19:1*Knowing God
19:1*Lord of Nature's Grand Display
19:1-4 Creation Praise
19:1-4 My Loving Father
19:1-4*The Fullness of God's Glory
19:1-4*Transcendent God
19:1-6 I See the New Creation
19:1-6 Look! His Goodness Fills the Morning
19:7-11 Your Sovereign Word
19:14 Always in You
19:14 Please Yourself
19:14*Prayer for Purity
20 Psalm 20
20:7 We Are Trusting in the Lord
21*Psalm 21
22 Christ Is Come
22*I Cannot See the Light, My Lord
22*Life Is Brief and Full of Trouble
22 Psalm 22
22:3*God Is in His Temple
22:3 God Is with Us!
22:23-31 Forever One
23 Psalm 23
23 Psalm 23: "The Father's Gifts"
23*Psalm 80
23 Psalm of Trust
23 The Father's Gifts
23:1*Now in Christ
23:1 Unchanging Father
23:1-3 When Christ Our Healer's Work Is Done
23:1-4 Walk with Jesus
23:4 Simply Seeing You
23:4-6 Father, in This Suffering
24*Enthronement Hymn
24*Psalm 24
24:1 The Lord Is One
24:7-10*Our God Came to Visit
24:7-10*Who Is He?
25*Psalm 25
25:1-5 I Look to You
25:1-10 You Are the Light
25:1-10 Your Word
25:8-10*My Life, My Love, My Joy
25:10 Help Me to Love Only You
25:10 The Father's Gifts
25:10 You Are Calling Me to Yourself
27 God Will Be Exalted
27*Psalm 27
27 Psalm 46: "God Will Be Exalted"
27:1 The Glow of Your Goodness
27:14 I Look to You
27:14 Keep Us Strong in Faith
28*Psalm 28
28:6-7 Blessed Be the Lord
29 Psalm 29: "Voice of God"
29 Voice of God
29:2 Adoration
30*Christ in Psalm 30
31*Psalm 31
31:9-16*I Cannot See the Light, My Lord
31:9-16*Life Is Brief and Full of Trouble
31:14-15 Lord of Time
31:14-15*Thank You for Your Perfect Will
31:15*Eternal God, Unbound by Time
31:15 You Are Calling Me to Yourself
31:24 Keep Us Strong in Faith
32*Father, I've Failed You
32 Have Mercy
32 Psalm 32
32 Psalm 51: "Song of Confession"
32 Song of Confession
32:1*Daily Confession
32:1-2 The Joy of Forgiveness
33*Our Hope Is All in You
33 Psalm 33
33:4-11 The Word of the Lord
33:6 By Your Breath
33:6*Holy, Boundless Breath of God
33:11 My Father, Do What Pleases You
33:20-22 I Look to You
34 Psalm 34
34:8*Beyond Imagination
34:8*We Taste Your Life and Long for More
35 Psalm 35
35:3b I Am Your Salvation
36 Psalm 36
36:5*Ever Full and Overflowing
36:5-9*Praise to You, Giver of Life!
36:5-9 The Seasons of LIfe
36:5-9*Today in Your Presence
36:5-11 Here Is Love
36:5-11*If God Is on Our Side
36:5-11*The Love of God
36:5-11*Your Ceaseless, Unexhausted Love
36:5-6a Sea of Mercy
36:8-9 When Christ Our Healer's Work Is Done
36:9*Lord, May Our Thoughts Begin with You
36:9*The Allness of God
36:9 You Are the Light
37 Psalm 37: "Wait on the Lord"
37 Wait on the Lord
37:7 Lord, How Good to Rest in You
38*Christ in Psalm 38
39 Psalm 39
39:4-7 All-in-all
39:7*Back to You
39:7 I Look to You
40*Christ in Psalm 40
40 Our New Song of Praise
41 Feel the Savior's Heart for People
41 Psalm 41
42 Father, in This Suffering
42 Hear the Longing
42*I Cannot See the Light, My Lord
42*Life Is Brief and Full of Trouble
42 Psalm of Trust
42*Psalms 42-43
42:1*We Taste Your Life and Long for More
42:1-2*We Need You, Holy God
42:1-3*The Reason We Sing
42:4-5 Blind Faith
43*I Cannot See the Light, My Lord
43*Life Is Brief and Full of Trouble
43*Psalms 42-43
44 Psalm 44
45*Christ in Psalm 45
45*Psalm 45: "See Christ, Your Bridegroom"
45*See Christ, Your Bridegroom
46 God Will Be Exalted
46 Psalm 46
46 Psalm 46: "God Will Be Exalted"
46:1-2 God Is Great, and God Is Good
46:1-3 Unchanging Father
46:1-3 You Are Lord
46:10 Be Still
46:10 Be Still, My Child
46:10*Evening Prayer
47 Psalm 47
47:5-9*Enthronement Hymn
48 Psalm 48
49 Psalm 49
50 Psalm 50
50:12*As Simply as a Child
51*Father, I've Failed You
51 Have Mercy
51 Psalm 51: "Song of Confession"
51 Song of Confession
51:1-3 Lord, I Repent
51:10*Prayer for Purity
52 Psalm 52
53*Psalm 53
54 Psalm 54
55*Psalm 55
55:17*God Answers Prayer
56 Psalm 56: "When I Am Afraid"
56:3 When I Am Afraid
56:3 You Are Lord
57*Psalm 57
58 Psalm 58
59*Psalm 59
60*Back to You
60*Psalm 60: "Back to You"
61 Psalm 61
62 Psalm 62
62:1*Evening Prayer
62:1-2*Created for Union with God
62:1-2 Hear the Longing
62:1-2*We Need You, Holy God
62:5-8*Back to You
62:11-12 My Father, Do What Pleases You
62:11-12 My Father, My Joy
63 Lord, Draw Me On
63*Psalm 63
63:1*Lord, May Our Thoughts Begin with You
63:1*The Reason We Sing
63:1*We Need You, Holy God
63:1-5 We Come Seeking You
63:1-8*Eternal Life Is Knowing You
64 Psalm 64
65*Psalm 65
65:8-13*When Morning Dawns and Evening Fades (ELLACOMBE)
65:8-13*When Morning Dawns and Evening Fades (FOREST GREEN)
66 Come and See the Works of Our God!
66 Psalm 66: "Come and See the Works of Our God!"
67*Christ in Psalm 67
68 Psalm 68
69 Psalm 69
70*I Cannot See the Light, My Lord
70*Life Is Brief and Full of Trouble
70 Psalm 70
71 Psalm 71
72 Christ Is Come
72*Light of Every Nation
72*Psalm 72
72:1-7, 18-19 Antiphonal Carol
73*Psalm 73
73:16-17*God Is in His Temple
73:23-28*Ever Standing in Your Presence
73:23-28 It's So Good to Be with You
73:23-28*Joy in Your Presence
73:23-28*Simply God
73:25*Lord, Life Becomes More Simple
73:25-28 Jesus, I Need Your Spirit
74*Psalm 74
75 Psalm 75
76 Psalm 76
77*Psalm 77
77:8-13 Blind Faith
78 Psalm 78
79 Psalm 79
80*Psalm 80
80:1-7, 17-19 Christ Is Come
80:1-7, 17-19 Have Mercy
80:1-7, 17-19*Prayer for God's Presence
81*Psalm 81
82 Psalm 82
83*Psalm 83
84 Psalm 84
84:12*Mighty God, I Will Trust in You
85 Psalm 85
85:1-2, 8-13*Peace, Peace, Peace
85:1-2, 8-13 Sweet Peace
85:8*God Is Speaking
86*Psalm 86
86:7 When We Talk to Him
86:11 An Undivided Heart
87 Psalm 87
88 Psalm 88
89 Psalm 89
90*Eternal God, Unbound by Time
90 Lord, You Are My Home
90*Psalm 90: "Eternal God, Unbound by Time"
90:1-2 My Father, My Joy
90:1-2*These Things Are Always True
90:1-2 Unchanging Father
90:1-6*Great Lord of All Reality
90:1-12 All-in-all
90:5-6, 10, 12 Live for God
91*In Your Presence, God Almighty
91*Psalm 91: "In Your Presence, God Almighty"
92 Psalm 92
93 Psalm 93
93:1-2*God of Peace
93:1-4*These Things Are Always True
94*Psalm 94
95 Come and See the Works of Our God!
95 Give Thanks to God
95 Psalm 66: "Come and See the Works of Our God!"
95 Psalm 95
96 Psalm 96
96:11-13 Advent Joy
97 Christ Is Come
97:1-6 Our God Is a God of Might
98 Come and See the Works of Our God!
98 Give Thanks to God
98 Psalm 66: "Come and See the Works of Our God!"
98*Psalm 98
98:7-9 Advent Joy
100*The Reason We Sing
100:3*God Blesses His People
100:5 Sea of Mercy
101:2-4 My Mind Will Be Your Holy Place
102*Psalm 102
102:27 Unchanging Father
103*Psalm 103
103:8-14*A Father's Prayer
103:8-14 Constant Love
103:8-14*We Sing a Life Completed
103:19*God Is in His Temple
104*Psalm 104
104:1*Simply God
104:1-2 All-in-all
104:24 Creation Praise
104:24 Thank You for the Beauty of This Day
104:24-30 Creation Will Be Redeemed
104:24-30*Holy, Boundless Breath of God
104:24-31a*Lord of Nature's Grand Display
104:24-31a Our God Is a God of Might
104:24-31a Surrounded by Your Greatness
104:27-30*God of All People
104:27-30*The Allness of God
104:29-30*God My Father
105:37-45*A Hymn for the Wilderness
107:1-3, 17-22 Come and See the Works of Our God!
107:1-3, 17-22 Give Thanks to God
107:1, 8-9, 21-22, 31-32 You Are Good
110 Christ Is Come
110*Psalm 110
110:1*Christ in Psalm 3
111*Psalm 111
112 Good Gifts
112*Psalm 112
113 Psalm 113
115:1 Not to Us, O Lord
115:3 My Father, Do What Pleases You
116:12*Simply God
116:12-13*As Simply as a Child
116:15*Captives of Eternal Love
118 Psalm 118
118:1 Sea of Mercy
118:1 The Glow of Your Goodness
118:6*In Simple Response to You
118:22 Christ Is Come
118:24*Today in Your Presence
119:9-16 The Word of the Lord
119:89*The Word of God
119:96*The Truth of God Is Greater Far
119:105*The Word of God
119:147-148, 151 You Are Near, O Lord
120 Psalm 120
121 Be Still, My Child
121*Evening Prayer
121*Psalm 121
121:3-4 Constant Love
121:3-8*God Blesses His People
122*Psalm 122
122:1*We Have Come, God's Living Temple (CWM RHONDDA)
122:1*We Have Come, God's Living Temple (LAUDA ANIMA)
123*Back to You
123 Have Mercy
123 Psalm 123
123*Psalm 60: "Back to You"
123 Psalm of Trust
123:1-2*Created for Union with God
123:1-2*We Need You, Holy God
124*Psalm 124
125 Psalm 125
126 God Will Be Exalted
126*Psalm 126
126 Psalm 46: "God Will Be Exalted"
127*Psalm 127
127:2*Evening Prayer
127:3-5 Snowflakes
128*Psalm 128
129*Psalm 129
130*Father, I've Failed You
130 From These Depths, O Lord
130 Have Mercy
130 Psalm 130: "From These Depths, O Lord"
130 Psalm 51: "Song of Confession"
130 Song of Confession
130:5-6*In Simple Response to You
130:5-7 I Look to You
131 Be Still, My Child
131*Psalm 131
131 Psalm of Trust
131:1-2*As Simply as a Child
132 Psalm 132
133 Psalm 133
134*Psalm 134
135:6 My Father, Do What Pleases You
136 Give Thanks to God
136 Psalm 136: "Give Thanks to God"
136 You Are Good
136:1*He's All I Need
136:1 Isn't He Good?
136:1*These Things Are Always True
136:1-9, 23-26 Come and See the Works of Our God!
136:1-9, 23-26*If God Is on Our Side
136:1-9, 23-26*The Love of God
136:1-9, 23-26*Your Ceaseless, Unexhausted Love
136:7-9*Star Hymn
139 My Loving Father
139:1-4*Prayer for Purity
139:23-24*Prayer for Purity
141:8a I Fix My Thoughts on You
143:3-6 Blind Faith
145*Justice Hymn
145*Psalm 145
145:8-9 Sea of Mercy
145:15 I Look to You
146*Psalm 146
146:5-10*Come Rejoicing!
146:5-10*God Is with Us! Alleluia!
146:5-10*Jesus, Joy of Earth and Heaven
147*Psalm 147
147:5 My Father, Do What Pleases You
148*Psalm 148 (AZMON)
148*Psalm 148 (RISING SUN)
148:3*Star Hymn
148:13 You Are Good
149*Psalm 149
150*Psalm 150
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